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Monetize Your Audience Data

The audience data collected and processed by mobile apps is invaluable for brands, helping them to better understand consumers and reach their specific target group with relevant messaging. Tap new revenue streams by onboarding your data assets for mobile programmatic advertising. Rely on a secure environment with full transparency over the usage of your data assets via our Private Marketplace.

  • Expert advice: Reach out to our experts to learn more about your benefits
  • Privacy-friendly: We give you full transparency over your data assets.
  • No investment: No setup fee, no running costs and no technical integration (SDK) needed
App Publishers

Take Control

Our self-service Audience Management Platform (AMP) enables you to onboard your data assets, segment them and distribute them to all relevant buying platforms.



Upload and segment your audience data


Gain insights about your datasets including demographics, interests, intent and behavior
Create Datasets


Offer your datasets via the private marketplace or the adsquare Data Alliance

Onboard Your Data

adsquare enables you to onboard audience data connected to Mobile Advertising IDs.

Demographic User Data
Demographic User Data
  • Segmented (e.g. Age, Gender, Education)
Behavioural User Data
Behavioural User Data
  • Segmented (e.g. Sport Fans, Car Buyers, Foodies)
Behavioural User Data
Location Data
  • Raw and segmented (e.g. Shop visitors, cinema goers)

Data Monetization

Take control of how your data is presented and who has access to your data assets.

Open Marketplace
Open Marketplace
  • Branded Data
  • Open Access
Private Marketplace
Private Marketplace
  • Branded Data
  • Private Access
adsquare Data Alliance
adsquare Data Alliance
  • Unbranded Data
  • Open Access
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Innovative app publishers from all industries trust in adsquare’s audience data monetization solutions.



Dating app offering demographic data of anonymous mobile users


Digital classifieds platform offering segments based on behavioral data


Barcode scanning app offering segments based on real-world consumer behavior

Data Ownership

ePrivacy seal
  • Secure servers: The sophisticated infrastructure is built to the highest standards to ensure security whilst offering optimal performance.
  • Contracts: Our data usage agreements with audience buyers legally secure that data is only used for the intended use case.
  • Data leakage prevention: Our integrations with buying platforms ensure that data usage is limited to real-time enrichment (pre-bid) and our DMP integrations.
  • Private Deals: The private marketplace provides you with the opportunity to make direct deals with audience buyers in a transparent way.

Integrated Platform Partners

The world’s leading buying platforms rely on adsquare:

Active Agent
a dot mob
Fusio by S4M
Adexperience Logo
AppNexus Logo
Doubleclick Bid Manager
Tabmo Hawk
Infectious Media
Loop me
mediasmart Logo
mobsuccess Logo
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