Welcome To The New Age Of Data

Currently, advertisers face a massive challenge. With an abundance of data in the industry being scattered through data siloes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to employ 1-to-1, people-based marketing. With so much data out there, how do they know what data is good or bad? As a curator and audience expert, adsquare selects high quality data from its data exchange, validates it against industry standards and aggregates it into a standardized taxonomy.

The result is the adsquare Data Alliance – an approach to curating data that allows both quality and scale.

Welcome to the new age

Take A Step Out Of The Gardens

Bundling first- and third-party data in a smart way, and validating the new segments against industry benchmarks opens the doors to new data dimensions, and thus – to better targeting capabilities.

Rely on a secure environment with full transparency.

  • Access To Deterministic Data: Open the doors to precise targeting on mobile using first-party data
  • Accuracy At Scale: Bundle first-party data with third-party data to ensure scalability
  • Trustworthiness: Use the validated segments in a secure and privacy-friendly environment
Take A Step Out Of The Gardens

Validated, On-Target Data. At Scale

The adsquare Data Alliance gives you access a plethora of validated high-performing data, curated via an elaborate process consisting of aggregation, normalization, optimization and activation of first- and third-party data.



Data from selected first-party data sources is bundled in a pool alongside third-party data.


Sophisticated methods are employed to ensure data is normalized and transformed into an actionable taxonomy.


Optimization is achieved by testing data against industry standards to ensure high on-target rate.


Data is then activated for 1-to-1 people marketing via the adsquare AMP or directly through your DSP or DMP of choice.

One Taxonomy To Conquer All

The adsquare Data Alliance offers access to a vast array of segments, including demographics, interests and brand affinities. In addition to the standardized segments, adsquare’s team of audience experts offers tailored custom segments for your specific needs.

“Audience targeting done at this incredibly high level of accuracy offers the perfect 1:1 engagement opportunity for advertisers. The impact this has is very visible in outcomes such as engagement rates and brand recall uplift, so we are looking forward to further exploring outcome possibilities.”
Tamsin Powell, Head of Strategy & Solutions, EMEA at AdColony


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