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Leverage Validated Data at Scale

Today’s consumers expect individualized experiences from the businesses they interact with. Majority of consumers choose, recommend, or pay more for brands that provide a personalized service or experience.

To enable true individualization, marketers need to develop a holistic understanding of their customers – one that’s based on diversity of deterministic data, the most accurate way of identifying consumers.

adsquare Data Alliance (ADA) enables advertisers to leverage people-based marketing at scale by curating countless fragmented data sources for them.

Accurate User Identification

Targeting Quality and Scalability

With so much fragmented data out there, advertisers need help to employ 1-to-1, people-based marketing at scale. adsquare Data Alliance (ADA) aggregates predominantly 1st party data and supplementary 3rd party data to guarantee both targeting quality and scale.

Rely on a secure environment with full transparency.

  • Deterministic Data: Open the doors to precise targeting on mobile using 1st party mobile app data.
  • Accuracy at Scale: Bundle 1st party data with validated 3rd party data to ensure scalability.
  • Trustworthiness: Use the validated segments in a secure and privacy-friendly environment.
Targeting Quality and Scalability

Validated Data for High On-Target Rates

ADA segments are created following a robust data validation process. Validated Demographics are optimized to exceed standard industry benchmarks, 3rd party data segments are optimized using the ADA Truth Set – the set of high-quality 1st party data from mobile publishers.



adsquare selects quality data from its exchange: predominantly 1st party and supplementary 3rd party data to guarantee scale.


The selected data is transformed into an actionable taxonomy based on industry standards.


To ensure high on-target rates, the normalized data is tested against the industry standards and against the 1st party data Truth Sets.


Tested and validated data is aggregated to create well performing and scalable ADA Segments.

Validated Demographics Outperform Nielsen DAR

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) serve as a guidance for campaign efficiency compared to marketplace averages for age and gender data in different countries. Key performance indicator, On-Target Rate, is % of impressions delivered to the target audience out of the total served during the campaign.

Open Marketplace
Exceeding Benchmark
Validated Demographics (age and gender segments) are optimized to exceed standard Nielsen benchmarks.
Private Marketplace
Performance Guarantee
adsquare guarantees that Validated Demographics outperform the industry benchmarks in specific countries.
adsquare Data Alliance
Custom On-target Rate
adsquare can tailor segments to reach desired On-Target-Rate, e.g., 85% accuracy for 13-34-year-old males in France.

One Actionable Taxonomy

The adsquare Data Alliance offers access to a vast array of segments, including demographics, interests, brand affinities and place visitations. In addition to the standardized segments, ADA offers custom segments tailored for your specific needs.

“Audience targeting done at this incredibly high level of accuracy offers the perfect 1:1 engagement opportunity for advertisers. The impact this has is very visible in outcomes such as engagement rates and brand recall uplift, so we are looking forward to further exploring outcome possibilities.”
Tamsin Powell, Head of Strategy & Solutions, EMEA at AdColony


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