Mobile Audience Radar Issue #2: Smart Commuters

We’re thrilled to introduce issue #2 of our Mobile Audience Radar, the most comprehensive examination of mobile consumer behaviour across 45+ key verticals ranging from Sports Enthusiasts and Students, to Luxury Shoppers and ‘Foodies’. This edition focuses on the travel and commuting category and takes a look at the results of our second UK-wide mobile audience behaviour study.

In addition to providing a Top 10 list of the ways UK commuters use their smartphones, our report also identifies crucial ‘mobile moments’ along the commute.

cover_radar_may15_bigKey findings include:

• The average daily commute in the UK is 57 minutes, 44% of which is spent using smartphones
• Over half of U.K commuters use Android devices with 54% Android vs 34% Apple
• Commuters reach to their smartphones to ‘get stuff done’: 59% check email, 46% surf the web, 32% read news, and 30% do mobile banking

Engaging people on the move requires a holistic understanding and these results are a real eyeopener with regards to advertising potential during the daily commute. As brands shift to a people centric approach, leveraging local context in combination with other data signals based on user behaviour is essential for programmatic advertising.

In addition to our mobile audience behaviour study, the report also features a look at our recent partnership with whitelabel DSP LiquidM, an in-depth interview with La Place Media explaining the factors driving programmatic advertising in France and an exclusive case study with Germanwings.

Click here to download the full report for free.

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