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Adsquare and ALC secure a data partnership in the US

Adsquare has established a data partnership agreement with ALC, one of the industry’s leading privately-held providers of first-party data solutions in the US. Digital marketers are now able to use ALC business and household data for more effective planning and programmatic media buying in the US.

We make the ALC segments available in our Audience Management Platform (AMP). The Adsquare AMP is a self-service platform bringing together data providers and advertisers in a secure and transparent way. Our platform is integrated with all leading media buying platforms, e.g. DV360, The Trade Desk, MediaMath, Adform, Tabmo/Hawk, S4M.

ALC data is renowned for its high-quality business and household datasets that are fact-based and location-centered and is also available as part of Adsquare’s Audience Targeting. Audience Targeting is data connected to Mobile Advertising IDs, that makes it possible for marketers to target likely consumers with precision and scale, anytime and independently of their location in the moment of ad impression. This type of data can help advertisers to tailor ads based on visitation data, behavioral attributes, demographic details, and purchase information and to target customers more efficiently, when they are likely to buy a product or use a service.


“Thanks to the power behind Adsquare technology, we are able to provide real people with real world data in real time. Our partnership is founded on the shared belief that it’s about more than the data: it’s about helping businesses apply the data to meet their needs” said Keith Sklar, Sr. Sales Director, Data & Identity Solutions at ALC.

Maria Botelho, Global Director Data Partnerships at Adsquare, comments: “We know that we can count on ALC´s over-40-years experience in the industry to provide data quality and proven results. The proliferation of mobile devices and rise of mobility has changed human habits and ALC has an exciting role to play in this space. It is key for us to leverage ALC data to a wide range of programmatic advertisers and help them increase their ROI” .

Reach out to our US colleagues here to ask for a platform demo and learn more about the ALC segments.

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About Christoph

Christoph is VP Marketing, is five years with Adsquare and based in Adsquare's head office in Berlin. Before stepping sideways to join the Marketing Team, Chris was VP Data Partnerships at Adsquare. He has a weakness for print ads and also reads the small print on product packaging. Chris acts as an unsalaried Brand Ambassador for Lufthansa, plays the drums, field hockey and golf.

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