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adsquare Introduces App-Contextual Targeting



We’re very proud to announce the latest product we are adding to our portfolio. The real-time App-Contextual Targeting solution enables advertisers to target more precisely on the right context of apps used by a consumer. By targeting on specific and pre-listed app categories,  marketers can reach the right users and also secure brand-safe environments for mobile campaigns. Having insights on what type of app an individual is using, gives advertisers and brands a unique opportunity for more specific and effective targeting. The App-Contextual Targeting solution strengthens our position and supports on our mission to enable advertisers to create holistic audiences and to target consumers’ in the right mobile moments. As App-Contextual Targeting relies entirely on the context of an app, the campaign targeting is not based on any personal data.


“Targeting the current app context of a mobile user enables advertisers to reach consumers in the most relevant moment and is a perfect addition to targeting the local context of users.” says our CEO & Co-Founder Tom Laband. “The new solution completes our holistic view of a user and can be used to extend the reach of campaigns targeting users’ moments.”- he adds.


To give advertisers and their agencies the freedom of choice, we’re integrated with leading contextual data companies including Grapeshot, Priori Data, 42Matter. Our clients can select their preferred partner through our self-service Audience Management Platform (AMP) and activate it on their programmatic buying platform. In combination with Geo-Contextual Targeting, clients can target both the mobile usage and the real-world behaviour. Just as an example,, brands can reach fans of the world cup when they are in a stadium or at public viewing spots, but also when they consume football-related content on their smartphone. In addition to the new targeting capabilities, the contextual intelligence also allows advertisers to target only brand-safe environments, enabling display campaigns with maximum impact.


The new solution leverages adsquare’s pre-bid integrations with leading programmatic platforms including AppNexus, and TabMo (HAWK), and Mediasmart. For Renaud Biet, Co-Founder at TabMo, the addition of App-Contextual Targeting is an important step for their partnership: “Our clients use the integration with adsquare to reach the right audience in the right context. Adding the context of the current app to the targeting options and securing a brand-safe environment are important supplements.”


On top of that, the new targeting solution will supports advertisers all over Europe who may be experiencing currently a temporary decrease in reach, as a result of GDPR. The new privacy regulation became effective on May 25th and demanded some publishers to obtain explicit consent for advertising purposes  in a transparent way. For some advertisers and agencies this led into a temporary decrease of reach. “Targeting the context of apps does not require any personal data and can be applied under GDPR without limitations. For our clients, it is the perfect solution to extend their existing reach.” stresses Laband.



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About Giulia Grazzini

Giulia is the Senior Marketing Manager of Adsquare. Originally from Italy, she landed in Berlin after many years in the City that Never Sleeps and in beautiful Sydney.

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