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adsquare Joins Forces with Smaato to Enrich Traffic in Real-Time

smaato_logoWe’re pleased to announce Smaato, the leading global RTA platform for mobile publishers and app developers, as our latest partner. The integration facilitates higher, data-driven revenues for Smaato’s 90,000+ publishers and is a key step in our strategy to lift eCPMs industry-wide.

Today, data is at least as important as media itself” says adsquare CEO Tom Laband. “Partnering with high caliber players such as Smaato means that on the one hand, we can increase data-driven revenues for tens of thousands of publishers and on the other, meet the huge demand for audience data at global scale.

In this year’s Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic report from Smaato, a 238% eCPM increase was recorded for inventory that included location data alone. With adsquare as a partner, that number will be overshadowed as the addition of holistic audience data fuels a steep increase in the value of publisher traffic. Our approach goes beyond location, the platform analyses the local context and mobile behavior of anonymous users to build rich audience profiles.

Smaato is the world’s largest independent mobile ad exchange” says Smaato CEO Ragner Kruse. “Providing access to a variety of high quality data sources is crucial, which makes adsquare a key partner for us”.

adsquare and Smaato’s joint effort to offer the best holistic data available on the market enables huge reach for the demand side, providing the core components to power effective, individualized marketing. Brand advertisers now have access to dedicated audiences based on rich, quality data via a private audience marketplace, as branding campaign preferences tilt ever more towards private deals.

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About Nathalie

Nathalie is Marketing Manager at adsquare. She comes from London and has been in Berlin for five years working in the mobile advertising industry. For any blog, marketing or British tea related questions, feel free to get in touch via nathalie@adsquare.com

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