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adsquare Partners With Smaato For More Precise Global Audience Targeting

Today, we are thrilled to announce our integration with Smaato, the leading global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers. Through the industry-first exchange-side integration with adsquare, Smaato’s 450+ mobile-first DSPs and demand partners connected to SDX(Smaato Demand Platform) can now leverage premium real-time audience targeting data to reach hyper-relevant audiences at the right mobile moments.


adsquare’s integration with Smaato’s SDX enriches the transactions using audience data from premium data providers, transforming billions of mobile users into multi-dimensional people with interests, behaviors and purchase intent that can be targeted with a high degree of precision in real-time.


Using SDX’s custom-built, self-service interface, mobile advertisers can now choose from hundreds of adsquare’s high-value audience segments (e.g. moms in the United States, foodies in the United Kingdom, sports enthusiasts in Germany) through an easy-to-use interface. Once an audience segment is selected, mobile advertisers can create an SDX “Open Deal” – a Deal-ID-based line item specifically targeted to a selected audience. With this new Open Deal functionality, Smaato is giving DSPs and agencies more control by allowing them to set up targeting in SDX for both Open Auctions and Open Deals.


“The integration gives Smaato’s demand partners access to the adsquare data portfolio, comprised of audience data linked to mobile advertising IDs and local, contextual and app-contextual data. Activating such data through deals and private marketplaces is a great synergy, as it combines audience data with brand-safe inventory at scale while controlling data leakage,” said our CEO and Co-founder Tom. 


“The scale and depth of adsquare’s data is a perfect complement to the Smaato exchange, and we look forward to collaborating with adsquare to pioneer new solutions that help advertisers more effectively reach over one billion mobile users worldwide using premium audience targeting based on location, real-time and historical behavior.” said Ragnar Kruse, CEO and co-founder of Smaato.

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About Luise Weiss

Luise is Vice President Revenue at Adsquare. She is a seasoned digital media executive with a track record of transformational management skills. Luise has demonstrated the ability to create meaningful relationships and generate revenue, developing and presenting data-enabled solutions for partners across channels.

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