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adsquare Validated Demographics On-Target-Percentages Exceed Industry Benchmarks


To tackle the data quality challenge in advertising, adsquare launches a Validated Demographics solution. The offering is based predominantly on first-party data from app publishers with age and gender segments exceed industry benchmarks for on-target-percentages by up to 6.2 times! To prove data quality, adsquare is the first company industry-wide to guarantee on-target-percentages for campaigns. This move underlines our position as a neutral data exchange, giving advertisers full control and transparency for audience targeting.


Data companies pledge on reaching the right audience with a minimum of  wasted impressions. But due to a lack of accurate and precise data, mobile advertising is still often relying on a spray-and-pray approach. This is evident when looking at the industry benchmarks, particularly at the Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings reportsThe KPI “on-target-percentage” or OTP defines the “percentage of the total campaign delivery that is within the advertiser’s campaign-defined goals(2)”. This low data quality leads to inefficient campaigns and a loss of trust from advertisers. According to a recent report for Europe(1), targeting women in the age of 18-24 results to average on-target percentage of only 9%.


“Our Validated Demographics offering is the answer to the lack of quality data for age and gender segments on mobile” says Tom Laband, CEO and Co-Founder at adsquare. “Our approach to aggregate first-party data from app publishers and combine it with validated third-party data from our exchange is a true innovation and enables precise targeting at scale. It heralds the start of a new age of audience targeting.”


Validated Demographics is part of the adsquare Data Alliance (ADA), adsquare’s solution that aggregates validated data at scale in cooperation with major app publishers. Thanks to the alliance, we created our own truth set based on 1st party data, which is used to validate third-party data from its exchange and increase the reach of its segments. We launched this offering for the US as well as UK, France, Germany and Italy. With more than 325 million validated audience profiles in those markets, adsquare enables precisely targeted campaigns, at the scale of mass media. To win back trust from advertisers and to emphasize the high quality, adsquare is the first data platform that guarantees on-target-percentages that exceed the benchmarks by far.


One of the first clients working with this solution is Omnicom’s trading desk Annalect. Jens Depenau, Head of Data Consulting at Annalect Germany comments: „adsquare’s commitment to guarantee on-target-percentages for demographics is an important step towards significantly improving the quality of programmatic campaigns in a transparent way. Therefore, adsquare will be one of our test partners for the planned evaluation of our target group fit in Germany.”


To address the problem of data quality, adsquare hosts a conference in New York on the 9th of May. The Audiences In Motion thought leadership event brings together industry experts and partners, including The Trade Desk, Experian and HERE, as well as brands, major agencies and independent trading desks. Find more information on http://aim2018.splashthat.com


Download our dedicated white paper to learn more about our offering

(1) Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings industry benchmark, H1 2017

(2) IAB Glossary, https://www.iab.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Glossary-Formatted.pdf


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About Giulia Grazzini

Giulia is the Senior Marketing Manager of Adsquare. Originally from Italy, she landed in Berlin after many years in the City that Never Sleeps and in beautiful Sydney.

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