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adsquare’s Footfall Report Empowers Retailers To Leverage Data For Competitive Advantage

There is one ingredient that the future success of quick-service restaurants greatly depends on – location intelligence. As numerous marketing research studies show, location data is the single biggest determinant for the performance of a fast-food service restaurant or retailers. Hence, footfall traffic and visitation rates are invaluable KPIs that help managers make informed decisions and determine the next steps in their strategy.





For marketers, understanding real-world consumer behavior is an integral step towards attaining the goal of their advertising efforts, increasing revenues through driving foot traffic. Our footfall attribution solution empowers them to evaluate the efficiency of their campaigns. Leveraging validated foreground and background location data from consumers’ smartphones, adsquare’s footfall analysis offers a unique overview of each retail location targeted during a given campaign period.



The result is an uplift, measuring the impact of mobile ad exposure at driving store visits, determined by comparing sample groups of those exposed to the ad (campaign group) against those who were not (control group). Thanks to our growing list of partnerships with data companies, adsquare is able to derive rich audience data insights including socio-demographic profile, purchase and household data and lead time. Granular footfall insights such as consumers’ likelihood to visit the stores of competing brands, temporal analysis as well as recommendations are also available on request in addition to our Footfall Report.




Fast-Food Restaurant Case Study


Fast food is about convenience, so to be successful a fast-food outlet should be located in a high-traffic area. As this is a highly saturated market key locations are often heavily clustered with direct competitors, located in close vicinity to each other. To stand out of the crowd, one the largest fast-food restaurant chains globally and an industry pioneer trusted adsquare to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaign.


The retailer wanted to increase visitation rates to their restaurants and evaluate the ROI of their digital advertising campaign spending. With the help of an agency, they ran an innovative and engaging mobile campaign to help them boost direct traffic to stores. adsquare’s precise POI database and rich mobile audience data helped them analyze offline behavior and determine the footfall uplift to selected stores resulting from their campaign. In addition to this, adsquare was in charge of an extensive analysis of consumer profiles and competitors.


With the significant footfall uplift of 97% the successful drive-2-store campaign impressed our client. Leveraging adsquare’s rich audience and location data, the campaign delivered more than 940,000 impressions, reaching nearly 400,000 unique users driving foot traffic to the fast-food restaurants all across their target locations.


Learn more about adsquare Footfall Report from our Resources page here.



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