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App Data: Waking Up The Sleeping Giant

The smartphone has evolved from a communication device to being the first screen for users. Since this is not really breaking news anymore, it should be in the mind of all advertisers out there: if you want to reach your target group, you cannot ignore the massive shift in media usage anymore. But mobile is much more than just another screen. It is the most personal device, our companion in everyday life and the hub to the connected world.


Following mobile trends passionately for over 10 years now, I’ve met a lot of innovative and smart developers with great apps. It is those apps that have the power to deliver information and services when it matters –  in a simplified way, and via great usability. To unleash this potential, app publishers have to collect and analyze data about users, their context and intent.


Leveraging this data for marketing is like waking up a sleeping giant.

Tom Laband at the First Screen Conference talking about app data


Tom Laband at the First Screen Conference, talking about app data 
The reason for this is simple: Today’s advertisers understand that reaching the right user in the right moment is crucial for campaign success. To minimize waste, they need data to understand their audience and its recent context. Location can be a great attribute for this as it helps understand the „real world“ context of a user from an eagle-eye perspective. But to go deeper and to develop a holistic understanding, advertisers are dependent on app publishers who are the real gatekeeper to the users.


The wealth of data they have stored over time in their user databases helps in fully understanding a user: What did they do in a store? What products did they buy? What kind of music do they listen to? Making this data available in a privacy-friendly, secure and fair way is a win for both advertisers and publishers.

This approach introduces a brand new monetization model for app publishers: In addition to purchase and advertising models, they can also profit from making their data available for campaigns – even if those are not displayed within their own app. But this model requires a neutral platform which respects data ownership and secures an anonymized and privacy-friendly handling. Done right, this enables a new revenue channel for app publishers and prospers into more innovative apps that make a difference in the lives of their users.

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About Tom

Tom Laband is Co-Founder and CEO at Adsquare with over 8 years of mobile experience. Tom is a mobile specialist with a fierce interest in data.

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