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Berlin – A Journey that is 1% Complete

In his latest Town hall Q&A, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked off his talk with quite an unusual take on the understanding of ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ by referencing it to a journey that is “1% complete”. As the Q&A took place in Berlin, it was quite a thing to see him relate this idea to city’s spirit itself – the creative environment, entrepreneurial feel and inspiration that boost the city’s position as Europe’s tech hub.


The ‘incomplete journey’ that Berlin is on is the reason why the city is attracting top international talent and blooming new startups, as people here would say ‘every 20 minutes’. Some of those would start from a loft in the trendy neighborhoods like Kreuzberg or Prenzlauer Berg, while others will benefit from the vast array of coworking spaces and coffices that now cover most areas of the city. Yet, if we put the extremely friendly economic environment to one side, Berlin has a lot more to offer – talent.

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As the city is mainly “built” by the current generation, people are flocking from everywhere to surround themselves with like-minded peers and establish successful businesses. That being said, in Berlin, technology and talent go hand in hand together. Recently, Berlin has also become the top destination for a very specific ‘breed’ of talent. It’s quite a tendency that highly skilled tech-lovers with particular experience and knowledge in adtech would specifically relocate to the city to join forces with fast-growing teams and build global products.


At adsquare’s Berlin headquarter, we’re in the middle of this dynamic ecosystem that embodies the strengths of the technological innovations that make the city’s scene what it is, and the power of the talent that it is enabled by. We’ve built a team that constantly empowers each other to bring new ideas to the platform, and thanks to this mutual effort and a creative mindset, we’re delivering a powerful product to a global audience.


We’re not saying that this is not possible anywhere else in the world, but where else would you be able to combine technology and talent with an infamous club scene, amazing international cuisine and a never-ending supply of Club Mates?

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About Alexandrina

Alexandrina is Senior Marketing Manager at adsquare. She spent the past 6 years in London - pursuing her studies in Management and Marketing, and working in various fast-growing businesses. She's a CRM evangelist and loves connecting the dots between data and consumer behavior.

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