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Changes in weather trigger major business impact


With our latest integration of weather data, we’re adding a new data dimension to our ‘Audience Management Platform’ (AMP). Weather data providers have taught us that weather influences how people feel, what they eat, where they go and what they buy. Weather predicts how people will behave. You can’t control the weather but you can harness it and make brighter marketing decisions. 

According to Jeremy Hlavacek, Head of Revenue at IBM Watson Advertising, more and more companies include weather data in their programmatic media buys, especially those from the pharma, automotive, CPG, retail or restaurant sectors. Reason being, weather has a direct effect on sales for around 30% of all products and services. To give a precise example: A pharma company willing to promote an allergy medication can utilise corresponding weather product trigger segments that are based on pollen type and count, helping the advertiser to get the message to the relevant audience.

We are offering weather and product triggers to digital marketers and programmatic traders via our self-service Audience Management Platform and you can activate them in your DSP of choice for more effective targeting campaigns. The datasets are part of our ‘Proximity Targeting’ solution and can be activated as stand-alone or in combination with other Places Data, Purchase Data, Sociodemographic Data or Geo-Social Data. Proximity targeting in real-time is powered by our proprietary pre-bid enrichment integrations with leading media buying platforms, for which desired spatial data describing the context of a geographical area is activated and users are reached based on their location in the moment of ad impression.  

Reach out to our support team via our contact form or send an email to info@adsquare.com to learn more about our weather data offering.  

Don’t talk about the weather – own it! 

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About Christoph

Christoph is VP Marketing, is five years with Adsquare and based in Adsquare's head office in Berlin. Before stepping sideways to join the Marketing Team, Chris was VP Data Partnerships at Adsquare. He has a weakness for print ads and also reads the small print on product packaging. Chris acts as an unsalaried Brand Ambassador for Lufthansa, plays the drums, field hockey and golf.

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