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Leverage a Holistic View of Consumers

Audience Targeting

Understanding your audience requires access to multiple dimensions of data about consumers’ online and offline behaviours. adsquare’s Audience Targeting helps you fully leverage this valuable information and enables to reach the right mobile audiences with the right advertising messages.
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Audience Targeting


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Tom Laband

Co-Founder & CEO

Sebastian Doerfel

Co-Founder & COO

Fritz Richter

Co-Founder & CTO

Michael Schlueter

VP Product & Platform Partnerships

Christoph Herwig

VP Marketing

Henry Marment

VP Operations

Maria Botelho

Director Data Partnerships

Katharina Wodischeck

Director Finance

Luise Weiß

General Manager, DACH

Mihee Lee

General Manager, DACH

Yara Hoteit

Account Manager, DACH

Marleen Bötticher

Account Manager, DACH

Rhett Rumery

General Manager, US

Candice McDonald

Sales Manager, US

Omar Al Jenani

Account Executive, US

Seth Dodier

Account Manager, US

Andy Beames

General Manager UK

Adam Marchant

Sales Director, UK

Jonny Austin

Sales Director, UK

Ben Jenkins

Account Manager, UK

Gabriella Machado Leal

Account Executive, UK

Nicolas Mear

General Manager, France

Kevan Abdoli

Sales Director, France

Anaëlle Bensaid

Account Executive, France

Beatrice Fabiano

General Manager, Italy & Spain

Marialaura Gasparrelli

Account Executive, Italy

Maud Levasseur

Team Lead Platform Operations

Gabriela Reyes Rodriguez

Platform Operations Specialist

Artem Nohornyi

Manager Data Operations

Marina Antonova

Senior Account Manager Platform Partnerships

Roman Pagel

Financial Accountant

Herve Menard

Senior Product Manager

Sara Pattacini

UX/UI Designer

Yeri Han

Graphic Designer

Francesca Roman

HR & Office Manager

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21 Sep 2018

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