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Going Beyond Location in 2016

Across the globe, advertisers are finally giving mobile the attention it deserves within the media mix. Unsurprisingly, the U.S. is at the forefront of this development, where mobile spend has already overtaken that of desktop – 51% vs 42% respectively. This year mobile is set to account for an eye-opening 69.1% of programmatic digital display ad spend, more than double that of desktop at 30.9%*.

The behavioral shift in media consumption as well as new buying possibilities on mobile are what’s fueling this trend. Programmatic buying combined with rich, reliable mobile data ensures efficient, low wastage campaigns. Whilst Germany still has some catching up to do, this gap is expected to shrink throughout 2016.

Advertisers are now targeting people instead of channels, thus data has become the new currency. Last year was the year of location. We’re now going far beyond location to provide added, intelligent mobile data from household data, app usage, socio-demographic and sensory data to unlocking first and third party CRM data for mobile campaigns.

With an abundance of offline, online and mobile data on the market, this new tsunami of data signals some new challenges for advertisers, the outcome of which relies heavily upon the level of control they have. Those who don’t master the topic of data (beyond location) and elect the smartest partners and ultimately the smartest data, will get left behind in 2016.

The top priority for U.K & U.S. marketers in 2015 was creating campaigns based on a deeper understanding of audiences*, making it one of the main themes for this year. To provide a basic understanding of the types of data available to meet specific campaign goals and how to leverage this in campaign planning, we’ve just released our “Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Audience Data” whitepaper to help understand new opportunities. This whitepaper is available for download via our ‘Resources’ page.

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About Tom

Tom Laband is Co-Founder and CEO at Adsquare with over 8 years of mobile experience. Tom is a mobile specialist with a fierce interest in data.

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