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Interview: Introducing adsquare's New VP Demand Partnerships

viuzvincent2We’re happy to announce that Vincent Tessier has joined adsquare as Vice President Demand Partnerships, with more than 10 years of experience in media and mobile. Vincent makes the move from French publisher alliance La Place Media, where he was Head of Mobile. He will now lead our international operations from our brand new Paris office, with a strong focus on EMEA agency and trading desk relations. Check out Vincent’s interview on joining adsquare, the French market and plans for the future.

This interview was originally published in French on Viuz.com

What sets adsquare apart from other players?

adsquare is a mobile audience platform, founded in 2012 in Berlin. We offer products that enable any buyer or seller to significantly improve their mobile advertising targeting. adsquare does not buy or sell media, but offers its third party data to any player in the mobile advertising landscape.

We work in absolute respect to stringent privacy laws and best practices regarding user data. We work with real time & location data to better understand the context of each mobile user, anonymously. We also add this approach to third party data to improve our audience segment accuracy: Is this user visiting a food store 3 times a week and at what time of the day? Have they visited a car retail in the past 7 days? What kind of apps have they installed and do they use them regularly? In which area of the city do they work?

This approach allows us to qualify each and every user and to create unique and reliable mobile audience segments. These segments are available to all players in the media industry to improve advertising targeting capabilities.

What is the state of mobile programmatic in France?

In general, programmatic in France saw a growth of around 50% in Q1, which is €127 million euros. That’s 30% of total display. This is a huge growth in a very short time, and that’s largely due to video and mobile.

Mobile is the future of digital advertising. New ad units like native, mobile video, the rise of programmatic and the relative stagnation of desktop are all here to make mobile a strategic asset for publishers and brands alike.

The French market as seen a steep rise in mobile first approaches, especially on demand side. Mobile trading desks like Yanco, TabMo and AdotMob are on the front line, testing, pushing the growth in the market. Large agencies are also taking mobile seriously now, as mobile becomes more than just a small test. The good news is that there is a lot more to do, like drive-to-store, cross device, and multi-media with TV or out-of-home. Programmatic is what enables all these strategies and advertising innovations.

What are your objectives for the French market?

Our objective is quite simple, becoming the market leader for mobile audience data in France, and Europe. For the last 6 months we’ve been in talks with French buyers, whose reaction has been extremely positive. Our approach is innovative and most importantly, is a solution to a growing need for third party mobile data.

What’s next for adsquare?

We are currently in a strong phase of international growth, having just set up offices in London and Paris. Our products are now available in 7 countries with further markets to follow. We are also working towards opening our US office soon, a key market for all ad tech vendors. Additionally, we have some very exciting product and partnership news to announce prior to dmexco, which will ensure supply, demand and data providers have more control and transparency.

What is your vision for the future of digital advertising?

It’s only the beginning of the journey. Digital is clearly taking the lead over all other media, and that’s not going to stop any time soon. The digitalization of the economy has lead to the digitalisation of the entire advertising industry. The future of advertising is undeniably all about data – Publishers are learning the true value of their users, as brands begin to fully leverage targeting capabilities.

New devices such as connected watches, fitness trackers and cars will generate tons and tons of valuable data. The recent move from Google to restructure its entire organization is a perfect illustration of the data economy we are entering. The main products, search, Youtube and Android are fuelling new initiatives like Alphabet both with cash, and with data – At adsquare, we like to say that “data is the new oil, geodata is pure petrol”.

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About Nathalie

Nathalie is Marketing Manager at adsquare. She comes from London and has been in Berlin for five years working in the mobile advertising industry. For any blog, marketing or British tea related questions, feel free to get in touch via nathalie@adsquare.com

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