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Exclusive ExchangeWire TraderTalk TV Episode With Our CEO Tom: “Leverage Different Types Of Mobile-Specific Data In One Single Alliance“

Our CEO Tom shares insights about the data ecosystem, the adsquare Data Alliance and the changes coming together with the GDPR. In a special edition of TraderTalk TV, ExchangeWire spoke with our CEO Tom about the data ecosystem and the possibilities of data alliances for programmatic and specifically explaining in details the concept of the adsquare Data Alliance.



The discussion between Ciaran O’Kane, the CEO of ExchangeWire and Tom kicked off with Tom explaining adsquare’s positioning as a mobile-first data exchange. Brands, agencies, and marketers can access the exchange using adsquare’s self-service Audience Management Platform in three different ways – via the Open Marketplace, the Private Marketplace and our signature adsquare Data Alliance (ADA). Tom introduced ADA’s key role in aggregating validated deterministic mobile data at scale, making it available for marketers to use in their programmatic campaigns. As the most accurate way of identifying consumers, deterministic data opens the doors to precise mobile targeting.


ADA takes the load off the advertisers by curating countless data sources for them“The Alliance aggregates predominantly first-party data and supplementary third-party data to guarantee both quality and scale. With our Data Alliance, we made it possible for advertisers to gain access to a huge amount of rich mobile data, which has been optimized and normalized in one actionable taxonomy.” – explains Tom. With mobile-first approach in mind, ADA offers access to a vast array of segments, including demographics, interests, brand affinities and place visitations.


In a way adsquare is democratizing mobile data by combining different data sets in a completely unbranded and private manner, enabling app publishers to monetize their deterministic data in a safe and secure environment. The advertisers benefit from this data by getting a holistic view of their consumers. Marketers can seamlessly activate their audiences through adsquare’s integration with leading DSPs and trading desks.  



Looking ahead at the changes coming with the GDPR, app publishers, telcos and all data companies who thrive from their direct relationship with consumers will become even more important for the mobile data ecosystem. In terms of GDPR compliance, adsquare is already set up and prepared for the upcoming changes.



“In the past five years, we’ve been approaching publishers directly. They are the ones who collect data and since day one we’ve been in touch with them. All of our existing contracts with data partners legally require to confirm they have users’ consent, opt-in/opt-out mechanism and that they have terms and conditions in place. This makes us confident that we are well positioned to provide data in the ecosystem compliant with GDPR ” – adds Tom.


You can also watch the whole video interview with Tom on ExchangeWire here.




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About Giulia Grazzini

Giulia is the Senior Marketing Manager of Adsquare. Originally from Italy, she landed in Berlin after many years in the City that Never Sleeps and in beautiful Sydney.

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