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More Fuel for Precise Targeting – We've Expanded our Acxiom Partnership

This news was recently published in German on W&V

We have some great news to announce with our long-standing partner Acxiom. As demand for precise data intensifies and companies begin to recognize the value locked in their own data, we want to provide the most relevant, reliable solutions on the market. Thus, we’re happy to announce an expansion on our partnership with Acxiom as our joint product portfolio grows ever larger.

acxiom-logo-ret“Audiences Live!” has always been at the core of our cooperation. This product is now available on an even more granular bases using precise data from Acxiom. In addition to this, our extended partnership also covers “Audiences 360°”. Based on local context analysis, adsquare now matches Acxiom household data to accurately target “Audiences 360°” and gain a truly holistic consumer view. For further details on “Audiences Live!” and “Audiences 360°” visit adsquare.com/portfolio.

Data onboarding is set to be one of the most promising topics of 2016 as brands and marketers begin to realize the full potential of the data they own and start looking for ways to unleash its value. Together with Acxiom, adsquare now enables advertisers to leverage their CRM data for programmatic advertising via onboarding capabilities.

Acxiom is a leader in harnessing the powerful potential of data to strengthen connections between people, businesses and their partners. “This cooperation gives Acxiom the power to make use of the most precise offline data for mobile advertising. Using our decades of experience in the areas of targeting and geo-marketing, we can deliver the best results for our clients across all channels” says Carsten Diepenbrock, Managing Director at Acxiom Germany GmbH.

Our Acxiom partnership is growing to cover new markets, most recently the U.K. In Germany alone our “Audiences 360°” portfolio includes 23 million users, with Acxiom’s portfolio including data for approximately 90% of internet users.

This expanded partnership with Acxiom means advertisers are now able, for the first time, to reach their target groups via mobile based on household and CRM data” says Sebastian Doerfel, COO at adsquare.

Both adsquare CEO Tom Laband and Acxiom’s Product Manager Christian Färber will be at DDS Data Days conference in November to give a lecture (German) on “data-driven targeting on your smartphone”, in which they’ll explain how data can be used for geo-marketing and what kind of audience information can be obtained in connection with household and CRM data. Watch this space for more news and insights.

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Nathalie is Marketing Manager at adsquare. She comes from London and has been in Berlin for five years working in the mobile advertising industry. For any blog, marketing or British tea related questions, feel free to get in touch via nathalie@adsquare.com

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