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New Whitepaper "Buyer's Guide to Mobile Audience Data" Available for Download

whitepaperNumber one on eMarketer’s list of priorities for U.K & U.S. marketers in 2015 was creating campaigns based on a deeper understanding of audiences. A firm grasp on the topic of audience data is a must for success in 2016. With such a huge interest in leveraging audience data in mobile campaign planning, we’ve compiled a new whitepaper: “Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Audience Data” whitepaper to help understand new opportunities.

Our whitepaper reveals which campaign goals mobile data is best used for, the types of mobile data available on the market and exactly how this data can be employed in campaign planning. It also explores privacy concerns, audience modelling methods and onboarding capabilities, among other themes essential to any successful mobile programmatic strategy.
As our CEO Tom puts it, “Data is as important as media itself. Mobile audience data is imperative to reaching audiences at the right point in the customer journey and those with a smart, educated approach will win the battle for consumer attention in 2016“.

Victor Navarro, EMEA Sales Director at buying platform StrikeAd by Sizmek, an official partner of adsquare, also states “Whilst demand for audience data is rife, there are still a number of brands that are struggling with mobile-data-driven strategies. Data is the new oil and a basic understanding of how it can be leveraged provides brands with the power to fuel more efficient advertising.

Our ubiquitous use of smartphones has created a tsunami of data and inevitably, some new challenges for advertisers, agencies and trading desks. adsquare’s Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Audience Data takes readers through the six basic elements to consider from defining goals and audiences to selecting the right partners and trusted data providers.

Click here to download the whitepaper for free.

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About Nathalie

Nathalie is Marketing Manager at adsquare. She comes from London and has been in Berlin for five years working in the mobile advertising industry. For any blog, marketing or British tea related questions, feel free to get in touch via nathalie@adsquare.com

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