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OMR Masterclass: The Top 10 Must-Haves When Selecting A Mobile Programmatic Partner


With the Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) Expo just around the corner, we are delighted to share with you the opportunity to participate in our special masterclass session during the second day of the biggest digital marketing event happening in Hamburg.


The topic of our masterclass session will be “Mobile Programmatic and Data”. During our session we would cover the growing importance of data for the success of your mobile programmatic campaigns.


Together with our partners from the creative mobile DSP TabMo, the leading Mobile Data Exchange adsquare will present hands-on strategies, case studies and best practices for mobile programmatic from both managed- and self-service campaigns. The session will be led by our VP Global Marketing Daniel Rieber and our Director Sales DACH Luise Weiß alongside TabMo’s Managing Director DACH Jan Heumueller.



The Top 10 Must-Haves For Marketers To Look For When Selecting Their Mobile Programmatic Partner


  1. Mobile-First: We live in a digital age where consumers’ life is a mobile-first one. As a marketer you should be aiming in collaborating with a platform that supports both mobile web and in-app advertising.
  2. Self-Service: Modern platforms should be available as a self-service solution to give you full control and transparency for both media buying and data selection.
  3. Creative Builder: Static banners and scaled-down online ads are oldschool. Leverage a state-of-the-industry creative builder to maximize campaign impact.
  4. Mobile Video: Branding campaigns unfold their full potential with video on mobile – optimize your video ads and use the full-screen of the users device.
  5. Location Targeting: Leverage the power of location data to reach audiences where they are and in the crucial mobile moment. Ensure high data quality and precise POI data for optimal results.
  6. Measure Footfall: Choose a partner who enables offline conversion measurement to attribute location-based campaigns for your brand.
  7. Audience Modeler: Holistic segment creation and combining different data dimensions demands advanced audience modeling capabilities.
  8. Quality & Scale: Work with a platform that allows you to target users at scale whilst ensuring high accuracy and quality for both inventory and audience data
  9. Deterministic Data: Make sure the data platforms gives you access to first-party data from publishers, e-commerce and telcos to target real people, not statistics
  10. GDPR Compliance: Choose a platform that is build with privacy-by-design and that is compliant with the General Data Privacy Regulation.



REGISTER HERE for our exclusive masterclass session to learn how to target precise audiences, drive foot traffic to your stores and increase visitation rates.



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About Giulia Grazzini

Giulia is the Senior Marketing Manager of Adsquare. Originally from Italy, she landed in Berlin after many years in the City that Never Sleeps and in beautiful Sydney.

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