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Predict Consumers´ Movement

Access Real Life Visitation Patterns.
Optimize Location-Based Campaigns.
Gain Audience Insights.

Adsquare is solving the challenges of OOH advertising by combining the strengths of all Adsquare products in one single platform solution. Our Out-Of- Home solutions allow you to easily combine various data types for improved outdoor campaign planning, programmatic DOOH activation, multi-device retargeting, measurement and insights.

Data-Driven OOH Campaign Planning

Identify the right poster locations based on spatial data, audience data and movement data.
Spatial Data
Audience Data
Movement Data

Programmatic Data Activation

Adsquare is the only audience and location intelligence company globally that provides pre-bid integrations for programmatic DOOH, which is a requirement for enriching DOOH inventory in real-time. Seamlessly activate any segment built with the Adsquare platform programmatically in your DSP of choice.

Reach Users Second Screen

  • Select desidered poster locations in the Adsquare dashboard and design a corresponding radius.
  • Activate the data via Adsquare´s pre-bid integrations in your DSP of choice.
  • Reach users who are in the proximity of OOH poster locations in the moment when the OOH advertising is shown.

Retarget Users Multi-Screen

  • Adsquare creates a geo-fence around poster locations used for an OOH campaign
  • Raw movement data is analyzed to identify users who have been exposed to OOH campaigns
  • Reach these users on their mobile device and desktop via Adsquare´s targeting and cross- device solutions.

Attribute Store Visits to OOH Campaigns

Real-time and post-campaign offline attribution for additional OOH campaign reporting and optimization.
  • Calculate the Visitation Uplift to evaluate the campaign´ s performance
  • Track footfall measurement in real-time through Adsquare´s integrations with leading DSPs such as The TRade Desk, Google DV360 or Adform for campaign optimization
Atribute store

Integrated Platform Partners

Programmatic DOOH activation via our pre-bid integrated DSP partners

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