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Premium Mobile Audiences for Branding via Adform

Adform_logotype_RGB-300x79We’re thrilled to announce just ahead of this year’s dmexco that another premium partner has been added to the adsquare family – Our data is now available via Adform, a leading platform for brands in our core markets.

Check out Adform’s blog post on the integration below, originally posted on their blog.

We are extremely happy to announce that we have partnered with German-headquartered mobile audience data provider adsquare in order to provide our clients with premium programmatic mobile audiences in the UK, Italy and Germany, with more markets to follow very soon!

In the increasingly app-focused mobile-first world that we live in today, we see a growing prevalence of cookieless devices such as smartphones and tablets amongst users, meaning that traditional programmatic targeting approaches are increasingly failing to meet the needs of marketers who wish to target audiences on mobile. Marketers therefore need a way to reach sophisticated and receptive audiences in order to pinpoint their target group in real-time. With the addition of adsquare to our system, we feel that we offer just this!

In simple terms, adsquare will enable you to reach your target audience in real time, seamlessly from within our system, by simply choosing the segment of your choice. adsquare offers an impressive range over 45 premium audiences and attributes which are spread over 10 main categories. These granular audiences can be combined as you wish, in order for you to create an audience segment that fits your needs.

adsquare’s main advantage is that their data is based on users’ local context as well as their mobile behavior to build the strongest possible audience segments. Using adsquare’s precise local audience data will thus enable you reach your users in the context of both their surrounding as well as their interest. Confused? Don’t be, it’s simple. Think of a beer brand that wants to target young football-loving men in a park on a summer’s day, or a fashion brand targeting style conscious females in a trendy part of town… This is now possible. Mobile is finally living up to it’s enormous potential, and with our adsquare integration, we are ready to take the next step.

We have been scouring the market in order to find premium partners that can add to our burgeoning Adform GO offering, and firmly believe that adsquares expertise within the field of Mobile Audience Data makes them a perfect match our vision for mobile. adsquare does not use cookies, location tracking or movement profiles, and focuses purely on anonymous IDs, fully complying with both German and European privacy laws. Due to their strict stance regarding privacy, we are pleased that adsquare adheres to our Adform Virtue vision, which focuses on ensuring a friendly programmatic environment, and provides quality, brand safe, highly creative, effective and fraud-free display advertising for all clients.

We are happy to make yet another move that significantly boosts the already impressive mobile advertising capabilities within Adform GO, yet again affirming our position at the very forefront of mobile advertising.

We’ll be releasing a range of updates to our Adform GO platform over the next couple of months, so stay tuned for more!

For further info on our adsquare integration, or any of our other offerings, please contact your local account manager, drop us a line at mobile@adform.com, or click here for a free demo.

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About Giulia Grazzini

Giulia is the Senior Marketing Manager of Adsquare. Originally from Italy, she landed in Berlin after many years in the City that Never Sleeps and in beautiful Sydney.

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