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adsquare Taps Proximity Data To Offer Next Level Location Targeting

We are thrilled to announce the addition of an extensive list of first-party proximity data providers to the adsquare portfolio, including AreaMetrics, BeaconsInSpace, FreckleIoT, Mobiquity Networks, Proxama, Reveal Mobile and Unacast. Proximity data offers a more precise look at the behavior of consumers and enables more personal advertising at scale.


Location data is the main driver for mobile marketing, as it allows advertisers to target consumers within a particular geographic area, using techniques such as geofencing. A recent study from the MMA pinpoints that “accurate location data is critical to the entire mobile ecosystem: brands, agencies, publishers, the end user and everyone in between” and estimates that location-targeted mobile ad revenues will grow to $18.2 billion in 2019. Location data, however, is limited, and advertisers need to tap proximity data derived from first-party proximity data providers to achieve results with high precision and at scale.


Our CEO Tom said about the announcement: “In the era of personalized, one-to-one advertising, combining location and proximity data is key. It enables advertisers not only to target customers based on geographical locations, but to also target specific buildings, shopping units and aisles. As a neutral marketplace, adsquare adds all relevant providers to our platform and gives advertisers control and transparency over those invaluable location and proximity insights.


To us, location is like a real-life cookie[.] Rather than asking us to find females between 18 and 24, we want clients to ask questions like, ‘Where do females between 18 and 24 actually go in the real world?’ said about the importance of location data at scale Patricia Lopez, Head of Mobext UK, at an exclusive interview at AdExchanger


By adding a vast portfolio of proximity data partners – companies which aggregate first-party deterministic location data from beacon signals and background geolocalization –  we at adsquare are one step ahead in offering advertisers transparency in understanding and targeting consumers as accurately as within a few meters of their position.


For Brandon Benett, CEO of first-party Bluetooth and GPS data provider AreaMetrics,  this partnership is an important development for advertisers. “We are very excited to be working alongside adsquare. Our partnership enables demand-side partners to access increased volumes of granular consumer data, which is a win-win for the consumer data ecosystem in its entirety.  AreaMetrics’ highest quality dataset is built upon precise location information generated by a network of Bluetooth beacons, and includes Point of Interest context, industry standard taxonomies, visit duration, and a variety of additional actionable parameters.


Providing adsquare customers with access to Freckle’s unique first-party in-store data allows clients to prove with 100 percent precision that a consumer has visited a specific location, something that up until now was challenging to do,” says Neil Sweeney, founder and CEO of Freckle IoT. “As the industry continues to look for unique data sources, having access to a source of first-party data that is decoupled from the sale of media is ultimately what advertisers want. We are excited to partner with adsquare to move the industry closer to this inevitable goal.

The combination of our extremely precise location data, including our exclusive in-door places network, and adsquare’s location buying platform brings a unique opportunity to marketers to utilize location data at scale to reach their desired customers. We are excited to be a part of what adsquare is creating.” said about the partnership Dean Julia, CEO of Mobiquity Networks

John Kennedy, CEO of Proxama, says about the partnership “Intelligence generated from precise location data has never been more valuable to the advertising industry. We’re delighted to be among some of the leading and internationally recognised companies that adsquare have chosen to partner with and supply location data into their marketplace.”

“We believe that marketers should take advantage of any and all data signals available to them, especially when building location based audiences. By combining GPS and Bluetooth beacon data, advertisers gain more accurate representation of their target audience. Given our broad reach across 515 mobile apps and 20M monthly users, we’re able to deliver meaningful audience sizes as well.” – shared about the partnership Reveal Mobile CEO, Brian Handly.

We’re seeing the most innovative marketers use proximity data in unique ways to address core brand objectives, and believe this type of adoption will continue to grow as data becomes more sophisticated,” said Chris Cunningham, CRO at Unacast. “Our partnership with adsquare exemplifies marketers’ continued need to have a deep understanding of customer movement and actions, enabling them to reach business goals and instill trust and appreciation with customers.

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About Luise Weiss

Luise is Vice President Revenue at Adsquare. She is a seasoned digital media executive with a track record of transformational management skills. Luise has demonstrated the ability to create meaningful relationships and generate revenue, developing and presenting data-enabled solutions for partners across channels.

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