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GDPR: The Implications for the Mobile Marketing Industry

By introducing stricter data protection compliance requirements, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a game changer for businesses in multiple industry sectors. No surprise that the new regulation has a critical impact on the mobile marketing industry too.

Mobile marketers, publishers and technology companies behind them – all businesses in the industry need to ensure compliance with GDPR when it comes into effect in May, 2018.

If your business is operating in the mobile marketing space, this white paper is designed to help you act now – regardless if you are just gaining traction in your preparations or already ticking the last boxes in your groundwork checklist.

What you will find in our white paper in a nutshell

  • Why data accuracy is the key to effective targeting.
  • How adsquare Data Alliance demographic segments exceed industry benchmarks.
  • How adsquare On-Target-Percentages compare to the industry standard – Nielsen DAR Benchmarks.
  • adsquare on-target percentages for all our major markets (France, Germany, Italy, UK and the US).

GDPR in a Nutshell

The legislation becomes effective on May 25, 2018 and impacts businesses that may come into contact with a European citizen, including companies based outside of the EU. Failure to comply comes with the price – fines can reach up to 20 million EUR or 4% of annual gross revenue.

The white paper explains the main changes that GDPR brings, as well as clarifies their implications for the mobile marketing industry:

  • Broader definition of personal data (e.g. Cookies, Mobile Advertising IDs or location data are considered as personal data)
  • Requirement of a solid legal ground (e.g. explicit user’s consent for processing of all personal data)
  • New rights to consumers: right to be forgotten, right to data access and portability
  • Requirement of a clearly defined security measures for controlling and processing data
  • Increased accountability and record keeping requirements

adsquare Is Your Trusted Partner

GDPR is not designed to stop marketers from communicating with their customers, nor does it prevent publishers from continuing their data monetization businesses. The goal is to give more control to the users, which can be transformed into a competitive advantage when working with carefully selected, credible partners.

adsquare is all set and ready for GDPR. The white paper explains how adsquare complies with the strict GDPR requirements and serves as a trusted partner for audience targeting as well as for data monetization.

Download Our White Paper

Download your free copy of the white paper “GDPR: The Implications for the Mobile Marketing Industry” and turn your compliance activities into an opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.

A quick recap of what you will find in this white paper:

  • What GDPR means for the mobile marketing industry
  • Evaluation: Is your organization ready for GDPR?
  • Data processing chain and your role in it
  • Compliance checklist for mobile publishers
  • Compliance checklist for mobile advertisers
  • adsquare is your trusted partner for audience targeting as well as for data monetization

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