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Advertisers Want To Target people, Not Channels: Video Interview With Our CEO Tom

Thanks to our strong connection – and as many people would argue – dependence on our mobile phones, our everyday life has become a collection of “mobile moments”. As consumers, we leave multiple traces of our behaviour, preferences and purchase intentions almost unintentionally.

The seismic shift in ad tech during the past couple of years has made possible that those mobile moments that turn into traces produce a granular, almost complete record of us as consumers, both online and offline. During our Audiences In Motion event in Düsseldorf, our VP Marketing Daniel interviewed our CEO Tom, who shared with us why there is such a big demand for mobile audience data. 




“Advertisers want to target people; they want to target audiences, not channels, and this is what data enables them to do”, said Tom in the interview. 


He also discussed the benefits of a self-service audience management platform vs. a managed-service platform – “A self-service AMP puts clients in control of the data, and gives them a great level of transparency”


Watch the full interview here

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About Luise Weiss

Luise is Vice President Revenue at Adsquare. She is a seasoned digital media executive with a track record of transformational management skills. Luise has demonstrated the ability to create meaningful relationships and generate revenue, developing and presenting data-enabled solutions for partners across channels.

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