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Under the Bonnet of our WallDecaux “Double Impact” Partnership

We recently partnered with WallDecaux to create “Double Impact” which offers the mobile extension of out-of-home campaigns. WallDecaux Premium Outdoor Sales is part of Wall AG and JCDecaux, the number one outdoor advertising company worldwide. The partnership enables storytelling outdoors and on mobile, giving advertisers the opportunity to enrich their out-of-home campaigns with valuable mobile audience data.

WallDecaux_dora_657x210_KopieOur mission is to maximize ROI by ensuring advertisers reach the right audiences, our area of expertise is huge data. adsquare’s role in this partnership involves the analysis of billions of data points at almost 100,000 outdoor locations. We evaluate the local context of consumers to compile audiences for programmatic advertising. We do this by analyzing both static and dynamic data points including POIs such as universities, cafes, hotels, car dealers and so on as well as events such as concerts, conferences and more. We also analyze the weather, smartphone data and residential data such as household income, all of which is anonymous.

So if an advertiser has a bus stop placement with WallDecaux for a student bank account we’ll show the exact same campaign on the mobile screens right beside the out-of-home billboard. But we do not stop here: We’ll also analyze various data to define mobile users who’ve visited the university, student bars or the library at certain times and identify them as students based on this information. The mobile extension of the student bank account bus stop campaign is then delivered to this audience to ensure maximum relevance and results.


Example of selected outdoor poster locations in Berlin

Out-of-home campaigns can be tailored and enhanced for precise mobile audiences with this new partnership. In a nutshell, we extend out-of-home campaigns to mobile to create a multi-channel brand experience resulting in increased ad effectiveness and maximum ROI. Plus, we do all this in a way which is strictly in line with stringent privacy laws, with completely anonymous data.

Double Impact LogoWith “Double Impact”, WallDecaux and adsquare want to bridge the gap between offline and mobile advertising to add real value to the advertisements consumers see. We believe the key to this is big data. Mobile Audience Targeting offers advertisers the exact tools with which to effectively pinpoint and reach their desired target group, making ads more relevant.

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