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Vodafone’s Award Winning Data-Driven Campaign Brings 49.7% Sales Uplift

Vodafone partnered with Adsquare and Adform to leverage multiple data sources following an innovative targeting approach for improving the effectiveness of a drive-to-store campaign. Titled “Plug & Surf – The New Internet”, the award winning campaign for Vodafone’s GigaCube product – wireless router that turns LTE network into a Wi-Fi router, won not one but two of the prestigious awards organized by The Drum – the first one in the category Mobile during the Digital Advertising Awards Europe and another one at The Drum’s Mobile Awards. Adsquare analyzed and matched multiple data sources to create accurate targeting segments in order to successfully reach a highly fragmented target group at scale. The segments were activated in Adform DSP for an efficient mobile programmatic campaign.


The ultimate goal for was to drive sales of the GigaCube by increasing both offline footfall traffic to Vodafone retail locations and online traffic to their e-store. To achieve this, the telco giant enlisted the help of Adsquare to harness the power of location data and find the right audience. The ideal GigaCube customers would be the ones seeking high-speed internet and those who live in an area with low landline connectivity.


For efficient campaign planning, Vodafone needed to separate prospects into specific segments and target them with in-app mobile ads. Leveraging Adsquare’s expertise in audience and geo-contextual targeting, Vodafone broke-down the overall target audience of high-speed internet seekers into two specific audience categories calling them “Undersupplied” and “Modern Nomads”. After analyzing low connectivity areas, Adsquare created an audience segment based on Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs) identifying the people who live in these areas with low landline coverage (“Undersupplied”) and those who frequently visited in the past locations relevant to modern day explorers (Modern Nomads), including camping grounds, outdoor retailers such as The North Face, Jack Wolfskin or similar. The campaign was supported by mobile-specific creatives built to align with Vodafone brand position and voice for the two targeted audience groups. Using background location data, the movement of the users who had been exposed to the mobile campaign was compared to a test group of unexposed users. Over the period of the campaign the exposed group recorded a massive increase of 9x higher in visitation rate to selected Vodafone stores. Most importantly for Vodafone, they were able to see the direct and tangible impact of their campaign on sales – recording an overall sales uplift of the GigaCube product of 49.7% across all channels and showing especially outstanding results on mobile.



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About Giulia Grazzini

Giulia is the Senior Marketing Manager of Adsquare. Originally from Italy, she landed in Berlin after many years in the City that Never Sleeps and in beautiful Sydney.

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