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We Are Ready For GDPR

GDPR In A Nutshell


As we are moving forward through this year, the deadline for GDPR compliance is quickly approaching. For the very few who are not yet aware, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the big thing happening this year and it is expected to transform the digital industry as we know it.

To get the facts straight, GDPR is the new legal framework introduced by the European Union intended to strengthen and unify data protection laws for all individuals within the EU. Effective from 25th of May 2018 onwards, GDPR “ harmonizes” data privacy laws among all EU countries to give citizens greater control of their personal information. What’s more, GDPR protects data privacy rights of any individual who is in the European Union, regardless of whether the information is processed within or outside of the EU. Hence, GDPR importance extends across the organizations worldwide, to anyone doing business or holding data for citizens in the EU. The regulation replaces old legislations such as the Data Protection Directive by introducing new rules on how to handle user data while broadening the definition of what is included under the term “personal data”. In addition, there are new requirements for managing consent, opt-in and opt-out as well as other security measures being introduced. 


For the digital advertising industry the new changes affect all companies processing consumer data both on the demand and supply side. In general, GDPR calls for more transparency in how companies capture and use data by informing consumers about what data is being collected on them and also offers a way of opting out. As a whole industry experts and analysts suggest that GDPR will have an overall positive impact, transforming the industry as marketers need to be determined to win back the trust of the customer.


adsquare Is GDPR Ready


With its headquarters in Germany, adsquare has been exposed to very strong privacy regulations since the early days of establishment. Since day one, our platform has been built with user privacy at the core of its design. Therefore, we pride ourselves on being compliant with most of the GDPR requirements for years now:


Data Privacy Officer (DPO)

GDPR brings the new requirement to appoint a DPO for any company that processes large-scale consumer data. adsquare already works with an external DPO for several years now that knows every contract and product definition in detail. 

Privacy by Design

GDPR acknowledges that privacy cannot be ensured only by means of legislation, but it should be a fundamental component in the design of technical systems in each organisation. adsquare has the concept of “Privacy by Design” incorporated into its development since the beginning and has defined “Technical and Organizational Measures” as part of the standard data processing agreements. To give an example, adsquare’s proprietary integration method (Enrichment Server) allows for direct data ingestion and deletion on the DSP and SSP side – no raw data is sent to partners. In addition, data providers can manage the availability of their data in our platform through our ‘Private Marketplace’ and control exactly which buyer gets access and which product type can use their data – all in self-service. 

Collecting and Managing Consent

While the concept of consent is not new and has been established in the European Data Protection Directive, GDPR is more specific about the conditions for consent. The key change is that, under GDPR, consent requires a clear affirmative action. adsquare contractually requires to obtain and provide a proof of consent for all users and from all data partners, so for us, this is nothing new. 

Providing an Opt-Out Option

Our mission has always been to be a neutral and transparent mobile data exchange while at the same time respecting each individual’s privacy rights. Therefore, we have always provided an option for users to opt out completely from adsquare mobile targeting via our privacy policy on our website.


As a neutral mobile data exchange headquartered in Europe we take the protection of our users’ personal data seriously and comply strictly with privacy and data protection laws. It is expected that GDPR will benefit first-party companies who thrive from their direct relationship to users and are able to obtain consent and communicate details on data usage. For this reason, we are confident that with the launch of our adsquare Data Alliance (ADA) and our Private Marketplace (PMP) we can give data owners such as publishers, e-commerce, and telcos a transparent and secure environment for data activation and monetization.


That being said, our message is clear – adsquare is all set and ready for GDPR making us a trusted partner for audience targeting and data monetization.

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