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We've added AdMaxim, Byyd, LiquidM & StrikeAd To Our List of DSP Partners

We are more than happy to introduce you to the Logosaddition of 4 new DSPs to our premium partner line-up. This move grants even more advertisers, agencies and trading desks access to our rich, reliable audience data throughout the core EU markets via their platform of choice. All of these partners are mobile first companies and understand the specific needs of mobile brand advertisers and their focus on reliable audience data.

As programmatic mobile campaigns are increasingly adopted across the board, the trend towards using self-service platforms is also increasing, something that’s offered by almost all DSPs integrated with adsquare including Byyd“Today’s industry is data-driven. Valuable data in programmatic is key to reaching the right consumers at scale with the relevant message in real-time” says Victor Malachard, CEO at Byyd. “Integrating with adsquare is evidence of the huge importance of data and the interest in automated buying in the advertising world”.

Currently, we reach more than 50 million users throughout our core markets of UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria and we’ll cover more and more markets in the coming months. International partners such as AdMaxim with 5 offices on 3 continents know the needs of their advertiser and agency clients. “The audience data landscape in mobile is growing ever stronger, allowing brands to segment and target in a more granular way and generate valuable insights in doing so. adsquare is a key player in this landscape and we are delighted to bring its audience segments into the AdMaxim platform.” Says Sultan Khan, Co-Founder at AdMaxim. 

The importance of a mobile-specific data set to create more advanced audience segments and truly leverage the smartphone’s unique capabilities such as location and the user’s behaviour in the real-world has always been a focus for StrikeAd. “The demand for audience data is the main driver for branding ad spend in mobile programmatic. With adsquare, we can take this data and cross reference it with granular information on location, demographics and other behaviours to create a holistic view of the consumer.” says Gavin Stirrat, COO at StrikeAd.

And mobile programmatic is growing even stronger year over year: An estimated 68% of mobile ads were bought programmatically in 2014, a number which is predicted to reach 88% worldwide by 2017 (PubMatic’s Programmatic Advertising Outlook Report 2015). Leveraging this enormous growth and pure volume of available impressions by adding third-party audience data is the focus for LiquidM, a leading white-label self-service DSP. “Programmatic premium is on the rise. Ensuring access to adsquare data is the natural solution to the increasing demand in the market for mobile audience data at scale.” says Philipp Simon, Managing Director at LiquidM.

We are thrilled that we could add all of these partners to our line-up of connected DSPs and will keep you posted on great cases and new product launches in the coming months.

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