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Why Adsquare believes in a Company Vacation

In September this year, Adsquare took the entire team to Italy for a few days of fun.

Our 5th annual Company Offsite took place in Sicily and brought together all colleagues from New York, Paris, London, Milan, Madrid and Berlin.  

The highlights of the trip were climbing Mount Etna – the highest active volcano in Europe, enjoying authentic Italian cuisine (this includes wine) and letting our hair down whilst dancing through the night under the clear blue starry sky.  

To us, there are strong organizational and workforce benefits when taking your company on a vacation. Here are the main pros how we see them: 

  • Greater team bonding 
  • Change from the routine 
  • Increased creativity and output 
  • Enhanced job satisfaction 
  • Being outdoor benefits physical health
  • Adventure relieves mental stress
  • Increase in productivity 
  • Increase in work quality 
  • Higher employee retention

Once again, this event showed us that building personal relationships across our international teams is priceless.  

Check the video to get some impressions from Adsquare in Sicily.

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About Christoph

Christoph is VP Marketing, is five years with Adsquare and based in Adsquare's head office in Berlin. Before stepping sideways to join the Marketing Team, Chris was VP Data Partnerships at Adsquare. He has a weakness for print ads and also reads the small print on product packaging. Chris acts as an unsalaried Brand Ambassador for Lufthansa, plays the drums, field hockey and golf.

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